You may not be aware, but your home might already have hidden water damage that’s slowly compromising its structural integrity. Water can get anywhere it wants. This is why it is always important for homeowners to look for any signs of hidden water damage. Knowing the signs helps you be proactive in stopping its tracks before it worsens and causes any more damage.

So if you feel like water damage is already looming in your house with you unaware, we’ve prepared a list of signs to verify its presence.

Signs Your Home Has Hidden Water Damage

Hidden water leaks in basements, dripping faucets, and slow leaks in roofs can ruin buildings over time and result in thousands of dollars in repairs when left unnoticed.

To prevent it from happening, we’ve compiled five signs of hidden water damage to watch out for to determine if you need to hire restoration companies like PuroClean of Birmingham.

1. Wall Stains and Discoloration

It may be tempting to paint over water-stained drywall and ceilings. However, this sign of water damage is not just something you can overlook. Stains and discoloration often indicate leaking roofs or pipes behind drywall. Call a reputable restoration company if you notice signs like these to stop water damage in its tracks.

2. Presence of Water-Loving Bugs

If you suddenly find yourself having a hard time keeping insects and bugs under control in your home, a water leak could be attracting them. One way to tell if your house has hidden water damage or increased humidity is the presence of water-loving insects and bugs.

3. Musty Odor

If there are hidden leaks in your home, the dampness it causes can result in mold growth in places you can’t see. Many people rely on the noticeable mold before taking action, not knowing infestations have already occurred behind their walls or under their carpets. When you start smelling a moldy odor, decaying wood, or foul smell of stagnant water, this should be enough to assume the presence of hidden water damage.

Hire a restoration specialist so inspection and repairs can start right away.

4. Mold Growth

Visible mold is the most obvious sign of water issues that must never be ignored. When the moisture in a home is high, expect mold growth to follow. Mold usually starts growing in the seams of floorings and ceilings. Mild mold growth is generally treated with simple home remedies. However, severe mold issues should be entrusted to professionals for mold remediation in Birmingham to permanently eliminate these pesky fungi and prevent them from returning.

5. Unreasonably High Water Bills

Have you ever doubted your unusually high water bills in the past three months? This could be a notable clue that a hidden water leak is present in your house. So if you observe your water bills going up without reasonable explanations, it’s time to check your home for signs of water leaks.

Final Thoughts

People get busy and sometimes lag behind in doing routine checks and looking for signs of water damage or simple repairs that must be done immediately. If you consider your house your safe haven and the best investment in life, keeping it in check and free of water damage must be a top priority. With the signs we have discussed above, you should be able to pinpoint hidden water damage. Hiring restoration professionals to resolve such problems immediately can preserve your home for years and even decades.